6 Office Cleaning Jobs You Can Put On Autopilot with Alco Janitorial

March 21, 2018 | Cleaning Tips

A neat and tidy office enhances employee productivity and projects a positive image of your business. However, you might have higher priorities than maintaining your office in a clean and unblemished state. That’s where Alco comes in. Alco Janitorial makes sure your office is all spic and span while you focus on your core business.

There are 5 major areas of your office where you can expect to see a major facelift when you start working with us.

1. Washrooms/restrooms


Research says clean office washrooms are as important for your business image as a clean reception area or CEOs office. All the money you put into your impressive office décor is flushed down the toilet the moment a visitor walks into a dirty restroom. That’s why Alco makes it a point to keep office restrooms shining clean. Depending on the terms of our contract, we scrub, clean and disinfect the washrooms once, twice or several times every day using environment friendly detergents and cleaners.

2. Workstations


Office work is already hard. Don’t make it harder by having your employees work at unclean workstations. With Alco working for you, your employees start their day at neat and clean office desks, tables and workstations. We also deep clean the chairs and sofas using wet and dry vacuuming. Our trained employees use the appropriate materials to clean wood, aluminum, vinyl or composite workstations and furniture as well as leather and fabric upholstery.

3. Floors 


Imagine a potential new employee coming in for an interview and their feet sticking to the floor with every step they take? Or would you prefer to imagine that person walking across mirror-like floors?  We use floor scrubbers and polishers, pressure washers, and a range of detergents and environment friendly chemicals to keep your floors shining like new.

4. Carpets


Imagine walking into an office that has nicely smelling carpets. First impression is the last, they say. And with Alco Janitorial working for you, your visitors are in for a stunning first impression as opposed to one of synthetic fragrances and volatile organic compounds.

Did you know that for warranty reasons many carpet manufacturers require hot water extraction to maintain the cleanliness of purchased carpet?

We will pre-spray carpets (or even scrub if required) then provide hot water extraction.  Not familiar with this technique? Hot water and (environmentally friendly cleaning agents are catapulted into your carpet piles at high pressure in order to loosen up dirt, soil, and grime. A high-powered vacuum then removes that same hot water, dirt soil and grime (and therefore stains). 

We can also provide bonnet cleaning, which is a low moisture cleaning system used between hot water extraction cleanings. Bonnet cleaning tackles the face fibres of the carpet, removing debris before it can get down into the deeper fibres, becoming more challenging to get out.

5. Windows


Looking through a clean and clear window clears up your mind and helps employees focus. Additionally, glass in the entrance way that is free of dust delivers a professional impression to visitors. From glass partitions to glass walls in conference rooms, we can polish and shine glass on a regular contract basis or on a one off while we are doing other cleaning – give us a call to let us know what you need!

6. Kitchens


Did you know office kitchens are among the dirtiest places? They can be infested with bacteria that can cause your employees to fall sick. If you have a low employee turnout problem because people often fall sick, it’s could be the kitchen that’s the culprit. No worries! Alco Janitorial Office Cleaning services are just a phone call away! We’ll scrub away the greasy muck from your stoves and counter tops, wipe the floor clean of any residues, and disinfect the kitchen using safe and ecofriendly cleaners.

With Alco Janitorial cleaning your office on a contractual basis, you can put these 5 types of cleaning on autopilot. Let us do our job as you focus on yours. Call Alco Janitorial today!